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Who we are

Donaction is a face-to-face fundraising provider dedicated to providing sustainable and cost-effective services to non-profit organizations. We are driven by our shared passion for social justice, international development, and humanitarian action.

Why do NGOs hire us?


We provide professional teams trained in effective communication and strategic fundraising.


Monthly contributions allow NGOs to plan their budget. Greater predictability means they can implement better long-term solutions.


Rather than solicit every time there is a humanitarian crisis or natural disaster, NGOs streamline steady donor support through our organization and reduce their overall fundraising costs.


The importance of regular donors goes beyond their financial contribution. By giving regularly, they act as supporters for the NGO, providing tangible evidence of the fact that people believe in their work. This support can be leveraged in negotiations with governments, international organizations, and funding bodies to bring lasting positive change.

Our team

It all started with a simple vision – more efficient fundraising for NGOs, more desirable working environments for our staff. Since then the Donaction family has expanded into a wildly energetic, hard-working and devoted team.
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Our clients

If you are passionate about positive social change, want to be involved with local and international non-profit organizations, and enjoy a flexible and stimulating work environment, send us your CV!
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