About us

Donaction is a face-to-face fundraising organization dedicated to mobilizing everyday citizens. We bring sustainable support and funding to NGOs. Our ambassadors share a passion for our clients’ mission and are determined to make a difference by giving their 100% each and every day.
We inspire individual action through conversation and bridge the gap between each donor’s values and their ability to act upon them.

What we do

Face-to-face fundraising entails sending out teams of trained canvassers, either door-to-door or in public spaces (metro stations, city streets, etc.) to engage with the community and act as ambassadors for the NGOs we represent. Their work helps NGOs stabilize their budgets, affords them the financial autonomy to act independently, and facilitates long-term, strategic planning.
Our NGO-centred approach brings transparency and efficiency to fundraising campaigns, while sacrificing nothing in terms of quality. We tailor campaigns and training to serve every NGO’s specific context, with the aim of helping non-profits reach their maximal impact.

The team

None of our efforts would be possible without our fundraising team – a group of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who share a vision for positive social change. We come from a wide variety of academic, professional and individual backgrounds and combine our strengths and experiences to form a highly motivated, knowledgeable and professional group of NGO ambassadors.


Founder/General Director

After working in the face-to-face industry for three years, Alexandre was inspired to create his own project, defined by an NGO-centered vision of fundraising.  He founded Donaction in October 2017 with the intent of creating more effective and sustainable campaigns for the NGOs.


Executive Director

Aurélie’s passion for social justice and human rights drew her to the fundraising industry in 2014. Her contagious energy and determination have played a leading role in defining the company’s culture and values.
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